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Fair Elections

Our entire political system is built on the premise that We the People elect our representatives. If our elections are not legitimate, then nothing else matters. By fixing the elections process, we can place Georgia’s government on a strong foundation of truth and transparency. As the Bible tells us, we must build our house on rock, not sand. With respect to elections, this means:


  • Eliminating electronic voting machines and using a simpler process that people can trust: hand-marked paper ballots.

  • Ending no-excuse absentee voting, which is inherently susceptible to fraud.

  • Requiring stronger proof of ID for absentee voting, such as a notorized affidavit.

  • Banning ALL drop boxes.

  • Keeping "Zuckerbucks" and other private money out of our elections system.

  • Putting in place powerful, systematic mechanisms to force cleaning of voter rolls.


Stopping Medical Mandates

The tyrannical mandates in place across our state are largely based on politics, greed, and/or misguided thinking – not legitimate science and data. We must preemptively ban mask and COVID-19 vaccine mandates in all public schools in Georgia, at a minimum. This is our solemn duty, in order to protect Georgia’s children. As a legislator, I will also explore every legal avenue to prohibit private schools and daycares from enacting strict mandates, along with private employers.

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School Choice

In too many cases, public school systems in Georgia have failed their students. Divisive racial agendas, mask mandates, and needless school closures have had a devasting impact on kids across the state. There can no longer be any reasonable argument against school choice in Georgia. Enough is enough.


Protecting the Preborn

I believe life begins at conception, and that the preborn must therefore be protected. I know first-hand that raising children can be extremely challenging, even in the best of circumstances. But we risk losing our humanity if we condone the sin of abortion.


Often times, abortion is the tragic consequence of a series of bad decisions. By helping our youth make good life choices, fewer young women will be in a place to even consider this act. Preventing indoctrination in schools is one step we can take, along with promoting family stability by boosting the pay of American workers. I firmly believe all this is connected.

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Stop the Influx of Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration places a downward pressure on the wages of America's legal workers and puts a heavy burden on our infrastructure. We need to pass laws at the state level to help curb the flow of illegal immigration into Georgia. States like Arizona have provided model legislation, but Georgia's legislators must have the political courage to enact these measures here. We must also get creative to hold sheriffs accountable who refuse to help with enforcement. This includes revising laws already on the books to provide for clear penalties. Learn more.

Protect our 2nd Amendment Rights

I fully support Constitutional Carry and was glad to see our state legislature get this passed in 2022. However, we must continue to fight to ensure our rights remain intact. The Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots have made it very clear that we cannot rely on anyone else to protect our families. The right to bear arms is God-given, and we must remain vigilant to protect it. I will strongly oppose universal gun registration, as well as "red flag" gun seizure legislation that allows liberal judges to strip guns from citizens without due process.

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Standing up to the Chinese Communist Party

The CCP are damaging our country through intellectual property theft and propaganda operations within American universities. They also exert undue influence on American corporations through their deep financial ties. This is to say nothing of their egregious human rights violations within their own borders. The Chinese people are not our enemy, but the party that viciously rules over their entire country is. I plan to explore legislative options to combat the CCP’s influence in Georgia.

Require Term Limits

Imposing term limits is one of the most important tools we have to combat corruption in politics. I have signed a pledge to serve no longer than eight years in the Georgia State Senate. On top of that, I will sponsor legislation to establish term limits for the entire Georgia legislature. We must get this done for the good of our state.

Transparency within the State Legislature

The ugly truth is that most Georgians have no idea which bills are being discussed (or voted on) at the state capitol during the legislative session. I believe this makes it easier for weak or unethical legislation to be passed in the shadows. I plan to provide frequent updates during the legislative session to let We the People know which leverage points need to be pushed to stop bad bills and pass strong bills. Our government as a whole needs to be made much more transparent, and I’ll do my part.

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