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Mr. Brad Raffensberger         

Georgia Secretary of State

2 MLK Jr. Dr S.E.

Floyd W. Tower Suite 814

Atlanta, GA 30344


Secretary of State Raffensberger:

Under the authority of Georgia Code Section 21-2-495(d), I am calling on you to order a hand recount of all ballots in my State Senate District 48 race.

The massive, inexplicable machine count errors just uncovered in DeKalb County call into question all machine counts across the state. When this is combined with the recent admission by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency that our machines are vulnerable to manipulation, it results in a widespread lack of trust in Georgia's results. It is imperative that you act immediately to give Georgians confidence that our primary elections were legitimate.

I am also encouraging all state and federal candidates across Georgia to request a hand recount of their primary race, if they haven’t already done so. Every single race needs to be counted by hand. Mr. Raffensberger, that includes your own race where you were polling at 28% and 18% in April, yet somehow managed to gain over 52% of the vote and avoid a runoff on May 24th. The 2000 Mules documentary, which shows "alleged" ballot trafficking at a grand scale happening under your watch in 2020, was released after those April polls were conducted. Yet instead of having your support fall even further – as common sense would suggest – your popularity shockingly surged.


We can all understand why this would raise serious questions for the citizens of Georgia. While "crossover voting" by Democrats has been offered as an explanation for this phenomenon, an analysis of results across the state shows this does not come close to explaining what transpired in some of Georgia’s primary races.

I am also specifically calling on Governor Kemp to request a recount of his own race. Despite polling in the low 50s, he finished with nearly 74% of the vote. Again, this is not explained by crossover voting.

As candidates, we should all be running toward transparency – not away from it – especially when a significant portion of the electorate has very reasonable concerns about the results. Mr. Raffensberger and Mr. Kemp, please do the right thing for Georgia.


Kevin Grindlay

Candidate for Georgia State Senate in District 48

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