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A message from my wife, Ashley

“…and the two shall become one flesh…”


May 24th…our 14th wedding anniversary.


“…Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.” Mark 10:8,9


May 24th…election day.


What a world we have stepped into! It’s been an exciting journey, and I am proud to be standing beside my strong and undeterred husband, Kevin Grindlay.


How fitting that on the final Sunday leading up to the primary, we stood side by side, holding hands and lifting our voices to the Lord singing a hymn of the faith “Take My Life”. My dad performed this moving song for us at our wedding 14 years ago. During that special day, we invited the Lord into our marriage to be King over our household. At that moment, we became one flesh. And so, during this season in particular, attacks on Kevin sting me as well.


Take my intellect and use every power as you choose. Take my will and make it thine. It shall be no longer mine. “Take My Life”


From the outset, Kevin expressed to me that he felt certain of the Lord’s calling placed onto his heart toward civil service. It’s not something he ever dreamed he would endeavor to do. Yet, during this time of local and national tension, I have seen him freely surrender his spare time with his family to serve the good of our great community and country with a heart full of sincerity and integrity. He has been tireless. 


You may have seen our opponent, Shawn Still, attempt to deride the upstanding character and intellect of my husband during his campaign. To do this, he has chosen to bring up decades-old events which Kevin has already addressed in a public forum. This is a failed attempt by our opponent to suggest a pattern of behavior that does not exist. This is misleading at best. Despite his effort, something like this would never bring us down. Why? Because Kevin is a new creation in Christ! We serve a God who has covered our sin as Kevin has long ago committed his life to Him and chosen to walk in obedience!


We are all imperfect. Certainly, he has learned from his mistakes, but these are far behind him. He is on a beautiful journey of sanctification. He leads our family so well, stands on truth, is a selfless friend, and forgives freely. He is so patient with our children. The power of such redemption is evident in someone like Kevin choosing to use his God-given gifts to serve both God and country. The Bible is replete with fallen individuals being raised up to respond to God’s calling upon their life. And we are a nation full of people who have risen above mistakes.


It’s a shame that Mr. Still has to resort to his typical modus operandi of smearing honest conservative candidates within his own party. He admits to being the founder of the Georgia Coalition for Job Creation, a front for big businesses that worked to defeat legislators advancing religious liberty, pushing back on federal overreach, and resisting tax hikes. Talk about a pattern of behavior…and now he wants to get elected to continue this?


I hope you will look upon the dedicated work Kevin has done at the grassroots level in service to our state and see how truly capable he is to be your state senator. My prayer is that voters see what I know is true.  I know you will not regret giving him your vote on May 24.


In deepest sincerity,

Ashley Grindlay

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