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Why am I running?

Like many Georgians, I was very frustrated by what took place in our state following the November 2020 election. Despite overwhelming evidence of irregularities, there were only a few elected officials who showed any interest in obtaining the facts. Our governor and secretary of state refused to take the steps necessary to determine the truth. In addition, the vast majority of Georgia state legislators failed to speak up in protest. Why wouldn't our representatives fight for their constituents? For truth and transparency? Something seemed very, very wrong.

I decided not to allow their failures to go unchecked. Since November 2020, I've been deeply involved in grassroots election integrity efforts within Georgia, and I haven't simply been holding signs at rallies. I drew up a formal resolution in support of independent audits of the 2020 election and was able to push this through the Gwinnett GOP to adoption. I also provided guidance to GOP members in several other counties, helping them to get a resolution passed within their local chapters.

Within Gwinnett County, I organized and implemented a door-to-door canvassing effort to help clean our voter rolls. This included fine-tuning affidavit forms to ensure they address current residency requirements under Georgia law. My team and I then used these forms to successfully challenge registered voters at the Gwinnett County Board of Registrations and Elections.

To my knowledge, I am also the first person in the state of Georgia who discovered that the ethics committees of the state house and senate have explicit subpoena power for investigations under O.C.G.A 28-1-16. Many election integrity advocates (including myself) have since pointed this out to these committees, but thus far they have failed to pursue a full, forensic election audit using this code section. Nonetheless, this exemplifies my diligence in finding solutions and my unwillingness to accept "my hands are tied" as a deflective response from elected officials.

My grassroots group and I also helped election integrity hero David Cross review dropbox surveillance footage from the 2020 election in Gwinnett County. A member of my group first discovered the footage showing an "alleged" ballot harvester at the Suwanee Public Library.


During these grassroots endeavors, I learned how our political system works in Georgia (or doesn't work). While I always assumed there was some corruption in politics, I had no idea exactly how bad it is. Corruption and greed are at the root of our most pressing problems: medical mandates, soaring inflation, depressed incomes, illegal immigration, detrimental influence from the Chinese Communist Party, and even Georgia’s election process. 


It's obvious to me that the only way to make our government do the people's work is to elect honest, tenacious people to office. So, I have decided to run for office myself. I am not a politician. I am an engaged citizen who loves Georgia and is passionate about restoring integrity in our government.


I'm running for State Senate and making the following promises to my fellow Georgians:


  • I will ALWAYS listen to my constituents. Your voice matters to me. You are my priority.

  • I will not be intimidated and cannot be bought. I am only accountable to you.

  • I will investigate issues to obtain the facts. Truth in all things must be at the forefront.

  • I will do all the above so that I can do what is right for Georgia. 


Ordinary people with true integrity can secure a transparent government. It's easy to be transparent when you have nothing to hide. When principled people are elected to office here in Georgia -- and around the country -- we will turn things around.

Will you join me in bringing Georgia's government back to the people? Please consider donating to and volunteering with my campaign.

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